AMPERIAL Window Technologies
Improving your relationship with the sun!


At AMPERIAL we have invented a new nano material allowing us to influence certain parts of the sun light (near-infrared) which are responsible for solar heat gain. We are developing smart and dynamic window films to empower people to control the amount of sunlight and solar heat entering their homes, buildings or vehicles. With this technology we are able to transform any window into a smart window. Optional tinting on demand.


Our foil will be retrofit. The intention is to be capable of upgrading any window - no matter which size or shape - into a smart window. A building equipped with our solution will be protected from heat gain of up to 7°C and can save up to 25% of its energy consumption. Of course this is dependent on location, solar exposure, building type and climate, but you will save energy and reduce indoor temperature, no matter where you are. The foil will be attached to the inner side of the window and therefore, we avoid any construction measures. No grid connection necessary. We run on low voltage. 


Electrochromism is a phenomenon in which a material displays changes in color or opacity in response to an electrical stimulus. In this way, a smart window made of an electrochromic material can block specific wavelengths of the sun light. The ability to control transmittance of near infrared light can increase the energy efficiency of a building, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool during summer and heat during winter.